January 18, 2010

Surviving 12th Grade

Sorry for my absencies lately, it's just waaay too hectic these days.
Being a 12th grader is not as easy as I think. Tryouts and tryouts are coming and the pressure is just so intense. I didn't do very well in last semester and now, it's time to applicate fro universities. Gosh it's hard you know? Seeing how the test works, in my case, 100 out of thousands of people who choose Medicine Faculty for their next destination is too cruel. Maybe these things turn out to be so damn freakin crazy, I think.
But my parents and bestfriends are there to push and support me. They tell me to keep chasing and try for it. Well I guess I gotta do it and be strong, hey hardwork needed here.
Please pray for me everyone, for my college program. Wish me luck!!!

love, Aya

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